About Us

Wiki Malahini means, New comer to the islands. Founded in January 2011, Wiki Malahini commenced operations with the aim of revolutionizing the way BPO’s work.

CEO & Founder Brock Donald, felt there was a lack of customer service in the outsourcing industry. Through dealings in the Philippines, Malaysia and India, Brock saw an opportunity to improve and provide a better service than he had previously experienced.

“My first experiences with outsourcing companies, I felt a disconnection between the resources and myself. This was mainly because the outsourcing industry appeared more focused on growth, and not necessarily sustaining, or helping develop their existing accounts. This often created a lapse with account management. This was time consuming, cumbersome, and outdated. I knew there was a better way to offer this service, so commenced the Wiki Malahini journey.”

With this philosophy, we have grown and developed our products and services to cater for all businesses, from Small Medium to Large corporations.

Our unique value is in our internal processes and experienced management style to encourage and invoke the best out of your hosted employees and our own dedicated team of professionals.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of professional hosting services, which in turn, enables our clients to provide their products and services efficiently.

Company Values

  • To be honest and transparent to our clients.
  • Hold the highest levels of professionalism at all times.
  • Aim to retain and help grow all clients.
  • To provide the best working environment in the BPO industry.
  • To reward the outstanding contributors, and support under achievers to strive for better.
  • To be profitable, and grow our service offerings

Company Objectives

Wiki Malahini is a BOS company offering a wide range of support services to client’s worldwide. Through experience, best practices, and refined process, Wiki can ensure the highest level of professional resources to support our clients.

Wiki’s unique ability to recruit the best of the best enables fast and proactive support recourses to assist our clients in focusing on the more important components of their businesses.


Dedicated Team

At Wiki, we do things differently. Our Hosted Resources are YOUR Team. You decide on whom you would like to hire. You decide on who should be promoted, and you decide on how you would like your team to operate to fit your processes. Your team is employed to service your account only; we do not share resources with other accounts. Wiki’s team of dedicated individuals is here to make sure all the mechanics are taken care off, so you can focus on what’s most important for your business. We will ensure your hosted employees have a spacious working area, an inspiring workplace, and the tools, and training needed to succeed in their roles efficiently, and confidently. Your resources are an extended part of your team, and with technologies like Skype, IM, email, and VOIP, it’s as if they were working beside you.

And that’s what we do well!

Behind Wiki

Learn more about Our Team

Brock Donald : Chief Executive Officer

Brock has 15 years of business management experience, and is a serial entrepreneur. He has established businesses on 3 continents, and is committed to diversifying, and growing an internationally recognized brand. Brock’s background comes from key account management, business process improvement, and operations management, providing the foundation of his businesses today. Brock enjoys flying, golf, and composing classical music.