Wiki Malahini provides offshore resource solutions for companies looking to grow operations, without the additional risk, or operating expenditure typically experienced with business growth.

At Wiki, we have tailored a solution, which works for both, large enterprise, and small business. We are no ordinary BPO, (Business Process Outsourcing) whereas, we provide resources which become a direct extension of your team. This enables our client to have greater control of the quality, and quantity of their team’s output.

Although typical BPO’s have been tried and tested, at Wiki we have developed a hybrid platform to choose from, which ensure our clients get the best out of offshoring.

We focus on simplifying the offshoring process, so you can get running in no time, allowing you to focus on what is really important to your business. Many companies are now engaged in offshoring, not to only reduce operating expenses, but to even grow their teams further then possibly imagined.

Wiki Malahini is a new wave of offshoring solutions provider. Wiki provides a complete end-to-end solution. Whether your business needs High-level technical engineers, through to basic back office administration, at Wiki we have you covered.

Wiki’s approach is to simplify offshoring, which in turn, reduces the complexities and concerns about offshoring.

We look after our clients as if their business, was our business.

While most businesses owners are already familiar with the concept of outsourcing, we at Wiki believe that offshoring is definitely a better alternative. Outsourcing is the transfer of a business process or knowledge to another company to deliver only the desired results. Offshoring is the expansion of an organization's team through a local partner.

Offshoring enables the organization to directly control and manage how the work will meet the business' goals. Your organization will not develop a reliance on third party providers and still have the know-how on how the business works from inside-out.

The hosting industry in the Philippines has grown at 46% annually since 2006, and there is no wonder why. With tertiary education obtained by most Filipino professionals, and English being the second most spoken language, the Philippines is a world leader in sourcing professional employees. This is why Wiki Malahini evolved.

Wiki’s unique ability to recruit the best of the best enables fast and proactive support resources.

We appreciate our clients. Whether you employ a single employee, or 50,000 worldwide, each and every client is just as important to us. To find out more, contact us today.

Industries We Cater To:

Offshoring applies to almost every industry. Any role that doesn’t require being face to face can be serviced from offshore locations. At Wiki we provide services to multiple different industries worldwide. To find out more about your industry, please click below.